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Internal polyurethane coatings PROTEC II, Internal polyurethane coatings for potable water PROTEC II PW
(certificate of Polish Hygiene Institute)

Production on automatic line
Applying acc. to PN-EN ISO 12944 standard and PN-EN 15655: 2007 standard
Lenght of pipes 6,0 - 14,0 m
Range of coatings ( OD ) : 610,0 mm – 1620,0 mm

Can be used as anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of pipelines, protective pipes , protection against abrasion for:

  • water pipelines,
  • gas pipelines,
  • waste water pipelines,
  • slurry pipelines,
  • other pipelines transporting high abrasive materiale,
  • water tanks

Coating thicknesses:
Depending of a standard and/or Client reqiurements, but not less than 400 microns.



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