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External and internal paint coatings, produced with cooperation with "DEGA-5" Ltd.

Production on automatic line
Applying acc. to PN-EN ISO 12944 standard and PN-EN 10301 standard and acc. to PN-EN 10289 and recommendation API RP 25L
Range of coatings ( OD ) : 33,7 mm – 1620,0 mm
The length of pipe: 6,0 m – 14 m,

Can be used as anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of the following pipelines:
  • potable water pipelines,
  • gas pipelines,
  • waste water pipelines,
  • gasoline pipelines,
  • protective pipelines,
  • other industrial pipelines
Can be used as anticorrosive protection of external surfaces overground assembled as:
  • water pipelines,
  • gas pipelines,
  • all pipelines at Power Sector,
  • pipelines of firefighting systems,
  • protective pipelines,
  • chimneys,
  • all other overground pipelines with working temperature range from – 70 ºC up to + 600 º C

Thicknesses of paint coatings depending of designing data, Client requirements and other agreements.




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