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Coating of steel shapes and joints

External polyethylene coating 3LPE Polyken
Coating classes : B-30 ; C-30
Coating colours available : white, black, yellow
Production acc. to PN-EN 12068 : 2002 standard
Range of coatings ( OD ) : 108,0 mm – 1620,0 mm

Can be used as anticorrosive protection of external surfaces of the steel shapes for underground pipelines and joints (on site):

Polyurethane coating PROTEC II and PROTEC II PW
Production acc. to PN-EN ISO 12944 standard; PN-EN 15655 standard; PN-EN 15189 standard ; DIN 30671 standard
Thickness of coating depends of required standard and Client order
Colour available : light grey
Range of coatings ( OD ) : 219,1 mm – 1620,0 mm

Can be used as external and internal anticorrosive protection for underground shapes as well as for overground shapes conducting potable water.

Paint coatings

Applying acc. to PN-EN ISO 12944 standard and PN-EN 10301 standard and paint coating acc. to project and/or Client order
Range of coating ( OD ) – no limits.



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