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About us

The company DEGA - PLUS Ltd

"Dega plus" Ltd. has been present on the coating line pipe market since 1992, when the private partnership known at that time as " Dega" . came into existance . In 1994 it was transformed into limited liability company with a present trade name and acquired new shareholders .The capital contributed to the company at that time allowed to built an automatic pipe coating line according to " SYNERGY" technology of melted polyethylene coating made available by an American company" Kendall – Polyken For that technology the european technical approval for accordance with DIN 30672 standard has been achieved ( 1997 – 2005 ) , and later based on testing performed at Polish Oil and Gas Institute in Cracow approval for accordance with PN-EN 12068: 2002 standard. Based on mentioned above external approvals "Dega plus" Ltd has issued at August 2005 the Accordance Declaration for produced by themself 3LPE " SYNERGY" polyethylene coating In three thickness classes A-50; B-50 and C-50. In that moment we just want to put attention on the fact, that "Dega plus" Ltd is one of three existing in Poland producers of 3LPE coating .

Since the very beginning of our activity we have put the great emphasis of winning the opinion of a trustworthy and reliable business partner. Today, after almost 20 years of our activity , we are convinced that we have succeeded.

Securing what we have already achieved we gradually expand our offer adapting it to our customers expectations and to the changing situation on the market.

Since 2003 our Company works under ISO 9001 standard certified requirements.

In 2008 in co-operation with "Dega -5" Ltd company a new line for external and internal paint coatings for steel pipes has been installed.

In 2009 we bulit a line for new polyurethane coating acc. to PN-EN 10290 standard. For those coatings upon testing performed at Oil and Gas Institute In Cracow we were able to issue the Accordance Declaration.

In 2010 we introduced a new polyurethane product – PROTEC PW , which is a coating suitable for pipes and tanks having contact with potable water. This product has the acceptance of Polish National Health Institute.

The future of the Company lies in technological evolution of anticorrosive coatings refering to Customers expactations and in a new solutions promotion at a stage of project starting.

Our experience gained so far combined with well-equipped technical backup facilities, a stable and highly skilled stuff , a stable financial situation and a good opinion we enjoy from our Customer and financial institutions make us a worth trusting patner.

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